*BAD 2020*

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It's 100 % VOCALs!

GEORG VIKTOR EMMANUEL creates music with his voice only - no instruments and combines Dnb_Dub_HipHop_Pop_Rock elements in his very unique way to create an unexpected sound experience along with words that move your mind. By recording his mouth-made drum-, bass-, keys-, trumpet-, guitar sounds in realtime on a loop station he creates a playback live on the spot & sings on top of it with energy, passion and soul - making people dance and party! The vocal artist brought his show already to 18 countries on 3 continents, he won contests, was guest on TV & Radio shows in several countries and is 2-time finalist of the Boss-Looper-World-Championship.


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In 2012 Georg Viktor Emmanuel gave up his well payed job and his flat in Vienna, bought an Opel Corsa for 700 Euros and started street touring from Rome to Dubline. Why? Because of passion! LOOPING EARTH shows the true adventure from leaving his flat in Vienna to street shows all over Europe. It shows the inner conflicts and the joy that came along with this journey like no other. Let yourself be inspired!

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