*BAD 2020*

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BAD 2020, Merchandising, Cover by Georg Viktor Emmanuel, Vocal Cover, Original by Michael Jackson, cool Shirt, Laptop Bag, Hoodie, more

*Whiskey, Breasts, Glycerine*

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Whiskey, Breasts, Glycerine, Acoustic Cover by Georg Viktor Emmanuel, Cool Shirts, Different designs

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(Zustellung inkludiert, Bezahlung via Kreditkarte oder Paypal / Shipping included, payment via credit card or Paypal) In 2012 Georg Viktor Emmanuel gave up his well payed job and his flat in Vienna, bought an Opel Corsa for 700 Euros and started street touring from Rome to Dubline. Why? Because of passion! LOOPING EARTH shows the true adventure from leaving his flat in Vienna to street shows all over Europe. It shows the inner conflicts and the joy that came along with this journey like no other. Let yourself be inspired!

You'll get a free MP3 File of the trailer soundtrack to the movie along with your DVD.

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